Selfie Fables — Disney Alternative Art Illustrations by Simona Bonafini

What if Disney stories had Instagram?

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Probably not a good idea

Instagram has been a huge part of the social media sphere ever since its introduction in 2010. Created by software engineers Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, it gained rapid popularity with over 300 million active users at the end of 2014. It was so popular that social media giant Facebook purchased it for $1 billion in cash and equity.

If Disney fairy tales existed in real life, they would probably have Instagram too. Something freelance designer Simona Bonafini illustrated in her series Selfie Fables (which is still ongoing!)

Disney characters come to life as they share candid selfies using Instagram’s tilt-shift effect and filters complete with #modern #era #hashtags. Even other characters from their respective movies show up and comment on their pics.

Check the rest of Selfie Fables below.


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She’s a Game of Thrones fan!

Simona Bonafini is a graphic designer from Politecnico di Milano, now working as a freelance illustrator. Check out her websites: Facebook Behance Tumblr DeviantArt. If you would like to buy her prints, check out Society6.

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These Japanese Barcodes Are So Kawaii!

In today’s commercial world, barcodes are almost everywhere.

Present in every product packaging that we use today, barcodes have become universal with their use in automating supermarket checkout systems. Recently, innovations in barcode technology have made it possible to do more than tagging products. They can also be used to encode music, images, URLs and emails.

Barcodes encode data by varying the widths and spacing of parallel lines. At some point, they evolved to rectangles, hexagons, and other geometric shapes which encoded more than their 1-dimensional counterpart. They serve their function but sadly, they are not as decorative and might even be intrusive to the packaging.

But not in Japan, the land of kawaii.

The concept of kawaii (roughly translates as “cute”) is prevalent across Japanese culture and can be seen in almost every aspect of the Japanese life. Everything from teen idols and lolita fashion to anime and RPG games speak of kawaii in varying degress. Heck, they even have Pokemon-themed airlines.

And barcodes are no exceptions.

Japanese group Design Barcode has been creating custom barcodes since 2005. Asking themselves “Why has the barcode never changed?”, the group began innovating a process of integrating design elements into the barcode.

The result? The mundane parallel lines of black and white become a refreshing way for brands to use as a communication tool.

Check out some of the designs of Design Barcode below.

 design-barcode-product-main-1 design-barcode-product-main-2 design-barcode-product-main-5




For more design barcodes, check out their Japanese website here or their English website here.

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Amazing Game Of Thrones Illustrations By Ivan Belikov

GOOD NEWS: Game of Thrones is returning in less than a week.

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And we need a Game of Thrones themed post to ride the hype train. And luckily, I just found just the graphic designer to feature.

Russian illustrator Ivan Belikov was previously featured here with his Social Networks illustrations and now he’s back with his Game of Thrones sigils for the great houses of Westeros, Stark, Baratheon, Targaryen and Lannister.

Belikov is a freelance illustrator from Chelyabinsk, Russia. As a child, he dreamed of being an animator and started spending his free time illustrating. Now, he creates t-shirt designs, posters and cover designs for albums. He has been published in London’s VRS Magazine and CREATIV magazine.

Beasts and feathers have a special place in his art, a perfect fit for the Game of Thrones numerous houses and heraldry.

In this wonderful combination of graphic design and typography, Belikov’s set Game of Thrones aims to depict house sigils mixed with the fates of its characters.

I found putting the fates of the characters and the specific heraldric features together harder than I thought it would be,” Belikov says.

Check out Ivan Belikov’s Game of Thrones illustrations below:







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For details and other work-in-progress images, check out the full project on Behance right here. Check out Ivan Belikov’s sites Facebook Instagram Dribble Twitter Tumblr

By the way, R + L = J *wink*

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As designers, we know how essential Adobe’s applications are in everything that we do.

From photo manipulation and editing to web design, Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects are a designer’s choice of weapons in their arsenal.

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This freebie includes the latest Photoshop, Illustrator, and more, plus cloud features, ProSite portfolio website, Typekit desktop and web fonts and 20 GB of cloud storage

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Sorry about that! All in good fun right? 

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This Is Your Brain On Drugs—Minimalist Posters by Meaghan Li

Despite all the bad effects of drugs both physically and emotionally, there’s no question about the visual stimulation it can give to a user.

Something graphic designer Meaghan Li tried to depict in her side project This Is Your Brain On Drugs. 


The title is reminiscent of two ad campaigns of the same name by the  Partnership for a Drug-Free America. The two PSAs are large scale anti-narcotic campaigns using a frying egg as a metaphor for the brain getting “fried by drugs”.

Meaghan Li’s posters, however, attempt to illustrate the lucid effects of each drug in an objective manner and make it accessible to everybody, especially to non-users.

Meaghan is a graphics designer from New Zealand studying at Duke University. She is in her final year as an undergraduate majoring in Public Policy and Political Science with a minor on Visual Media Studies.

Her academic experiences include working on drug policy research in the Netherlands and implementing an arts-based educational curriculum in Tanzania, something that reflects on her poster series.

Check out some of her work below.

(DISCLAIMER: You The Designer does not advocate the use of drugs and the pieces are featured here for the purpose of commentary and critique) 

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For the full set of posters, visit her website here.

Did Meaghan capture the effects of drugs visually? Comment below!

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